Me2We- Projekt Team Building

We are all different, but although we are individuals, we have to be able to compliment each other to accomplish a common goal. The shift from the “Me to We” is a key shift that drives great organizations, from large companies to start-ups, from religious and educational institutions to individuals. When the focus is on the “We,” humanity as a whole, our fellow citizens, our families, our co-workers, our customers, etc., magic happens.!!  The Me2We projekt at Funktion Junction focuses on helping individuals move from a “Me” to a “We” attitude and thus working towards the overall vision of the organisation.

Under this Projekt we deliver fun corporate team building activities, leadership exercises and related events. We can provide small team activities to address the needs of a group of 5 people, up to major events for more than 300 delegates. Our activities are designed to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance as well as providing a fun team activity that staff, clients and delegates can enjoy.

Most Impressive Outdoor Events

All of our team building events are tailored to fit the time you have available, your budget and your aims – from serious team work, to pure fun. We’ll find the best team building activities for you!

The Amazing Race

Our Great Goan Treasure Hunt takes your team on an exciting journey through the beautiful State of Goa, exploring its rich culture, history and local cuisine.

Knockout Time

“ Knockout Time” challenge is perfect for outdoor team building,it offers the participants a hilarious and unforgettable experience. Think wacky relay races and giant inflatables!! Knockout the other team and be the champions…!

The Beach Olympics

Golden sand, sparkling blue water and beautiful weather – the dream environment for a fun and rewarding team building event called Beach Olympics. Events are designed to provide corporate groups an ideal opportunity to get competitive with one another.

Most Impressive Indoor Events

All of our team building events are tailored to fit the time you have available, your budget and your aims – from serious team work, to pure fun. We’ll find the best team building activities for you!

Race to Ace

Join the likes of Mercedes, Audi, Ford and Toyota, in this fast paced creative challenge that sees teams tasked with creating their very own super car. The teams will compete in a series of  tasks, which build on communication and logic and include a riveting obstacle course challenge.

Grand Escape Plan

A fantastic mix of physical and mental skills, this event will see teams working together at high speed from beginning to end. Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery of an escape game at your event! As in the case in many Escape Rooms , you are “locked in” in this game and the object is to find the codes to “escape” within a stipulated time.

Chocolate Factory

With the help of our professional Chocolatier, participants will be schooled in the art of creating delicious artisan chocolates. Armed with their new found knowledge, teams will be challenged to design, make and market their own ranges.

Time – Out!!

The Time- out challenges are completed using everyday household objects such as elastic bands, paper cups, empty cans, balloons and toilet paper. Careful strategy is required as the team has to decide which members are going to attempt to complete which challenge. Points are awarded for each challenge and the team with the highest points at the end of the day is declared the winning team of the Time out event.

Drum your beat!!

The rhythm of drums helped soldiers win wars..!! Drumming your beat offers a wonderful opportunity to engage and energize teamwork and harmony. Team building with drums has proven benefits in increasing employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity while decreasing stress.

The Perfect Picture

Participants will be split into smaller teams and tasked with creating different sections of a replica masterpiece. Harder than it sounds, you’ll soon realise, with the help of your experienced facilitator that “the perfect picture” is not as difficult as it seems. A fantastic event for getting your hands dirty and being creative, The Perfect Picture provides a tangible end product which can be taken away to hang proudly on the office wall for years to come.


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